Phuclua starts with collecting information on the organisation’s performance-level. This will provide your organisation with relevant Information on what works best and what should be improved.


Based on these inputs Phucula will automatically process an action plan, with a clear set of goals and routes that will give your organisation a roadmap on where and how to to improve results.


Each roadmap will be supported with relevant learning material that contributes to accelerating the performance of your organisation in an efficient and effective way.

Phucula aligns strategic and operational goals with a perspective to act.

Why use Phucula
Action Accelerator?

3 in 1

Phucula provides an all-in solution for organisations that want to improve their performance by accelerating the organisation’s; input-process and output.

Do it yourself

You can manage and maintain Phucula yourself: make your own checklists, design your own routes. Add or share as much learning content as you want.



Because each user has a unique profile, Phucula can match goals, routes and learning material, and customise these to the individual needs.

Cost saving

Phucula saves an organisation time and money by replicating success, rather than reinventing the wheel.

A clear understanding of your goals and routes ensures that everybody is on the same page.

How Phucula saves your organisation time and money?

Effective people management

Employees are indispensable tools of customer excellence. Acknowledging expertise and collecting successes within the Phucula tool, results in a wealth of best practices that can be used to benefit the organisation.

Efficient Knowledge transfer

Different stakeholders looking to find, add and share content on a common subject are Phucula's best friend. Different than an online library, we provide individuals only the information that is relevant to them. Instead of Googling for the desired results. Phucula has the relevant information that you are looking for.

Better, faster, decisions

Too often organisations still make decisions based on assumptions or experience. This could result in making the wrong decisions. Phucula prevents organisations from making this mistake by providing a solution whereby professionals can choose from different goals, routes and content towards improved performance.

Prevents duplication

Phucula prevents organisations and their professionals from having to reinvent the wheel. All policies, standard operational procedures, case studies and learning content are mapped/profiled to the individual’s needs. By authorising different professionals to share content prevents them from duplication.

Phucula is designed with one thing in mind: improving on your organisations efficiency and effectiveness.


Ready 2 Go

Phucula offers -ready to go- solutions who want to start accelerating performance today. Apply now and you will soon be able to start doing your own assessments, develop routes and add or share as much learning content as you like.


Special 4 you

For organisations wanting to customise our solution within their own look and feel we offer a so called 'White Label'. Besides doing assessment, developing routes and adding content, the dashboard can be designed and equipped within the organisations specific needs.

Phucula offers Software As A Service (SAAS).

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"As an expert in training professionals to be more customer focused we rely on human skills and smart technology. Therefore PAKI offers a blended improvement programme consisting of an in-house training completed with – Phucula’s online e-learning support. By blending the two we secure that knowledge transfer is not limited to the training event only, but also; before, during and after our intervention."
Rebeccah Hatlane
PAKI consult, South Africa
"Awareness is a Dutch consultancy that provides policy marketing and communications services to organisations in the public and private sector. One of our customers requested a tool that measures and improves the internal and external communication and performance with different stakeholders, in relation to well determined goals. Phucula proved to be a sophisticated platform to streamline processes, direct and monitor efforts, and provide tailor made content to all stakeholders, assuring that everyone is on the same page."
Paul Weststrate
Awareness, Netherlands
"Request Management Consultancy, based in The Netherlands and Greece, assists public and private organisations with consultancy in the space of governance and accountability. One of our customers is The Ministry for Sport and Culture in Bahrain which requested a training programme on Corporate Governance, followed by a full implementation, coordinated by us, of the International Framework for Corporate Governance. We use Phucula to anchor policy and processes within their organisation, ensuring that all professionals working at the department have instant access to relevant info including perspective to act."
Ron Veraart
Request Consultancy, Greece

If you want to travel fast you go alone, if you want to travel far you go together.

Getting started

How to accelerate organisational performance today.


During our introduction we demonstrate the functionalities

  • Identify the customers priorities of improvement
  • identify the users that will benefit


Start learning

Make sure that everybody understand how PHUCLA works

  • User training
  • Content manager training
  • System administrator training


Start improving

Now we can start optimising input, process, and output within the organisation

  • Input: Develop an assessment
  • Process: Design the routes to improve
  • Output: Connect relevant learning content


A Roadmap is a visualisation of what actions are needed to help your organisation achieve its goals towards success.


Investing in Phucula is not a cost but a saving.

  • Single user
  • The Phucula Software As A Service (SAAS) provides an all-in price per user. Including Free updates and unlimited use
  • € 29 / month
  • One user
  • Phucula look and feel
  • Remote training
  • Standard content
  • Free updates
  • Signup
  • Multiple users
  • The Phucula Software As A Service (SAAS) provides an all-in price for organisations Including free updates and unlimited use
  • € 19 / user / month
  • Minimum 50 users
  • Phucula look and feel
  • In-house training
  • Customised content
  • Free updates
  • Signup
  • Customised
  • The Phucula Software can be customised into your organisations look and feel. Including free updates and unlimited use.
  • € 999 / month
  • Maximum 500 users
  • Customized look and feel
  • In-house training
  • Customised content
  • Free updates
  • Signup

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